To be reasonable, this rundown could be immersed with James Bond opening credits
    those amazing show-stoppers of music and picture are especially noteworthy bits of custom to the long-running government operative establishment. I chose to restrict this rundown to only one, and I went with the first. Dr. No presents and messes around with a significant number of the smart sayings you'll find in most of these titles, and does everything หนังใหม่ against the strutting swing of the James Bond topic for sure. Reward question: Was David Lynch aping the second 50% of these titles in his opening to Mulholland Drive? Drive Drive is intended to be notorious through and through, and it succeeded. The initial titles are misleadingly basic — put pink '50s coffee shop text style over Ryan Gosling driving and underscore it with Kavinsky's synth-pop tune "Nightcall" — however like everything cool, it doesn't have to put in any more effort. It believes we'll meet it there and appreciate each second of it. It is extraordinarily sure, confident, cool, cool work. Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton loves himself a top to bottom opening title succession, which are all viable and noteworthy as bits of art in themselves. Yet, none of them summon the temperament of their procedure film — the longing, the eerie, the frigid despairing — so definitely as Edward Scissorhands. You feel its creative mind and forlornness right away. It's delightful, it's tragic, it's exquisite, and to be perfectly honest, I like how the title for "Edward Scissorhands" resembles some scissors. Insufficient titles resembling the title, you know? Enter the Void In slightly more than two minutes, Gaspar Noé's initial titles for Enter the Void crush us over the face with more creative mind, character, animosity, and total should be innovative than numerous contemporary element films. There are verifications of ideas for whole other opening title successions that streak by in under a large portion of a second. It's an absolute buffet of thoughts. It's so alarming, a particularly shot to the guts, that Kanye West couldn't resist the opportunity to chomp it. Fahrenheit 451 (1966) At one point, title successions will consistently be titles composed on a screen. How might you push past that? By not having title successions be titles composed on a screen. François Truffaut's transformation of fundamental tragic novel Fahrenheit 451 starts with a chilling, nippy, evidently spoken arrangement of titles over strange pictures; a watchful decision to address a general public so against perusing it will do anything it can to keep data exclusively visual and hear-able. Reward: Check out Upgrade's interpretation of a similar gadget. Saucy Brown I realize I made a major to-do about the Bond titles being vital

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