Paul is saying, “And genuinely
assuming they had been aware of that Heavenly Home from whence they came out, they may have had freedom to have returned." The word country or patris implies a Heavenly Home, a Fatherland. We will currently develop it with the expressions of Peter, some extra books from Paul, and can likewise look further at the significance of outsiders and explorers. As you watch the video and track, you will peruse the KJV Bible, alongside the storyteller.  What is the will of God Give close consideration too to the interpretations. The video is non-adapted, there are no advancements, no tricks, or whatever might be passed on as untrustworthy. The video additionally contains certifiable signs that can be seen when you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Sit back, track, and I will be back with you soon. As you have seen, it is evident in the Bible, the Word of God, that Jesus and the Apostles were letting us know that we are heavenly messengers here on the earth. However, we as a whole fell like one of the sovereigns that are altogether going to now pass on like men. Jesus tells us, "ye will know reality and the Truth will make you free." We likewise know from the Spirit of all Truth that it says, "All we like sheep have gotten sidetracked." Additionally, the Messiah's central goal is expressed in Isaiah 61:1, "The Spirit of the Lord GOD has arrived; on the grounds that the LORD hath blessed me to lecture great news unto the mild; he hath sent me to tie up the beaten down, to broadcast freedom to the hostages, and the kickoff of the jail to them that are bound;" So, in case you actually might be pondering, we don't have a place here, we aren't from here. Assuming Jesus came to free the hostages and to open the jail, and We should now investigate the expressions of Paul in Hebrews 11 where he says, "These all kicked the bucket in confidence, not having gotten the guarantees, yet having seen them a remote place off, and were convinced of them, and accepted them, and admitted that they were outsiders and explorers on the earth. For they that express such things announce evidently that they look for a country. What's more genuinely, assuming they had been aware of that country from whence they came out, they may have had freedom to have returned." We can likewise take a gander at a piece in Greek and see what the word country means.  

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