He that forsaketh not ALL
Also I felt the contemplations of harshness gradually start to sneak in. I felt the deficiency of family, friends and family, companions, a daily existence that I once recalled and the exercises that I did, and that we as a whole did together. Gone, all gone. My life was finished. There was not much. Being at absolute bottom isn't an expression that can compare the enormous and overpowering feelings that I was having at that point. However, there it was once more. That still, little voice, "this is truth, this is the way, follow  A man of sorrows  me." So I let go. I was on the edge of a precipice, prepared to fall, holding tight to a sapling that was being pulled up by the roots. "Father, I trust you. All that I at any point had, all that I at any point was, all that I at any point will be is yours." At that exact second, the change inside started to happen. "We have likewise an all the more certain expression of prediction; whereunto ye do well that ye notice, as unto a light that shineth in a dim spot, until the day sunrise, and the day star emerge in your souls." – 2 Peter 1:19. "For he hath said, I won't ever leave you, nor neglect you." – Hebrews 13:5. As I had lost everything relating to the tissue, it was additionally an ideal opportunity to start to relinquish everything relating to self. Jesus lets us know this, " that he hath, can't be my devotee." My life, what I lost, what I was relinquishing, is an appearance of this head of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was at the earliest reference point of my agreement. I was at the earliest reference point of becoming as a kid as the Scriptures says. Nothing in this world sounded good to me any longer. "As I might suspect, I don't know anything. As I KNOW, I comprehend. As I walk, so I'm driven." As I currently read the Living Word, when the Bible says, "and His devotees heard it… " I in a real sense get what is being said. I HEARD it. What's more this message I share with you. "Ascend to the Truth until the day sunrise, and walk even as He strolled, as the Day Star emerges in your heart, relinquishing the previous man, and putting on the new. As you do, the sun sparkles forward, ever more brilliant, for the haziness keeps on disappearing.

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