What is the Green Card Lottery selection program
To numerous confident outsiders all over the planet, the Green Card Lottery is the "brilliant ticket" for section into the United States. In numerous ways, Green Card โปรแกรมคัดหวย, formally known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a modest and clear method for entering the U.S. Applying is free and less structures are required than for the family-supported or boss supported visas. Nonetheless, despite the fact that around 500,000 have won the Lottery beginning around 2007, the chances are not in support of yourself. The application window for the 2017 financial year shut in November and in excess of 19 million hopefuls applied for the Lottery. Just 50,000 visas will be granted. Which implies, just 1 of every 386 candidates will be granted a visa. In the event that these chances sound adequate to you then, at that point, read on. For some individuals, it is awesome or best way to move into the country. This is our complete aide for getting a green card through the Green Card Lottery. The Basics What is the Green Card Lottery? The Green Card Lottery, authoritatively, the Diversity Immigrant Visa program is established in area 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and systematized in title 8 segment 1153 of the United States Code. President H. W. Hedge marked it into law back in 1990. It came after a progression of impermanent variety programs, as an endeavor to widen the scope of conceded foreigners. At that point, it particularly helped the Irish escaping their nation because of distress. In spite of the fact that Diversity Immigrant Visa program is the authority name, it is frequently alluded to as the Diversity Visa Lottery or the Green Card Lottery, or some combination of these terms. Settler visas granted are regularly called variety visas. To sum up the cycle, candidates apply; candidates are chosen indiscriminately utilizing a PC; chose candidates are then screened through a screening; those that pass the screening system are granted worker visas; upon passage into the U.S., they are granted their green card. In this way, it is called both a visa lottery just as Green Card lottery since victors are first given a visa which is then moved up to a Green Card upon passage into the U.S. Formally, 55,000 visas are granted, in any case, every year 5,000 goes to the NACARA program, dropping the accessible number down to 50,000. The Green Card Lottery is one of a few fringe migration programs that exist outside the more normal course of family or business sponsorship. The Diversity Visa Lottery has gone under some examination recently and a few legislators are in any event, calling for it to end. Sayfullo Saipov scandalously entered the country through the Diversity Lottery and afterward utilized his vehicle to butcher guiltless individuals in a demonstration of fear. Peruse more with regards to Trump's bill to end the program.

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